MIIC is a community of multidisciplinary expertise in international, intercultural and inclusive education. We support policy makers, universities and other organizations, and individuals including students to fully embrace the potential of international collaboration across disciplines and institutions and extend the possibility of discovery and success. We do this by:

Supporting universities to implement internationalization strategies that promote diversity, equity, and inclusion, and become advocates for a higher purpose of education in an interconnected world.

Empowering individuals including students to become global citizens with the intercultural competencies required to enhance the international dimension of their work, their organization and their world view.

Improving the quality of teaching and learning across all disciplines and enhancing excellence through international collaboration.

Networking, collaborating and expanding global expertise and scholarship in international education and beyond through international projects, transatlantic research, and publications.

Further advancing the legacy of Josef A. Mestenhauser in the Czech Republic and around the world, working with the Mestenhauser family and the Mestenhauser Legacy Initiatives.


Our MIIC Values

Our work in international education is strongly guided by values that we associate with the contribution of Josef A. Mestenhauser to the field of international education.


Excellence in education is only achieved by working together – we facilitate interdisciplinary collaborations across borders and across disciplines, between universities, professional associations, policy makers and students, as well as with leading experts and practitioners not only in the field of international education but in other fields as well.


Intercultural competence and international collaboration enhance the quality of organisations – we help to create institutional cultures that enable respectful and productive collaborations and partnerships.


International collaboration not only creates a competitive advantage, but enhances equity and serves global unity – we support the advancement of knowledge production, and co-creation of novel solutions to local and global issues as a joint effort.


International education must be fair and inclusive of all – we try to improve access whatever the barriers, so they can build their leadership capacities and advance the quality of their institutions.

SDG Goals

At MIIC, our mission is rooted in driving positive change and fostering sustainable development. Through our dedicated efforts, we are committed to making a meaningful impact on the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Our primary focus revolves around SDG4, ensuring quality education for all, SDG10, promoting reduced inequalities, and SDG17, strengthening partnerships to achieve our shared goals. By aligning our activities with these critical SDGs, we strive to create a brighter future, where education, equality, and collaboration lay the foundation for a more sustainable world.

Learn More: Dive into the MIIC Code of Ethics.


Board of Directors

The Institute has been established in Brno, Czech Republic, under the leadership of its founder, Dr. Eva Janebova, and with the support of the Mestenhauser family and in collaboration with UMN and the many supporters of the Mestenhauser vision from around the world.

Renáta Tichá

Norma Hervey

Tomáš Kučera

Renáta Ježková

Eva Janebová

Eva Janebová


Eva Janebová, Ph.D. serves as founding CEO at MIIC. In her 20+ years working in higher and international education, Eva has focused on development of academics, curriculum design and quality assurance, and has served as academic advisor to the Council for International Education Exchange and the Czech Ministry of Education. She has led a transatlantic project called Supporting Academics to Become International Educators through Professional Learning Communities of 7 universities, and serves on the International Education Advisory Board of Morgan State University. Her qualifications and experience were gained from Charles University, Columbia University, and the University of Minnesota where she was the very first Mestenhauser Fellow in 2018. Her most recent academic work includes a Guide for Quality Syllabus Design (under review), ‘Mapping the Dimensions of Inclusive Internationalization’ (with Christopher Johnstone) in Inequalities in Study Abroad, and is the author of The Challenge of Culture’ in Mestenhauser and the Possibilities of International Education both from Routledge as well and co-author of one of ACA Think Piece on Inclusive Internationalisation (2022).

Adriana Dergam

Adriana Dergam

Chief Operating Officer (COO)

Adriana Dergam brings extensive know-how from her dynamic roles across media, non-governmental organizations, public and academic institutions, and business management. With a diverse international background, Adriana plays a pivotal role in driving the execution of projects with a strong emphasis on achieving the MIIC’s goals and objectives. She is responsible for overseeing and managing the day-to-day operations of MIIC and plays a pivotal role in translating CEO´s / MIIC´s strategies into actionable plans and initiatives at the operational level. In addition, she has held a leadership position in corporate communications in a multinational telecommunications corporation. Since 2018, she has been contributing as a member of the Council of the Government of the Czech Republic for Human Rights and is a co-founder of the Committee for Human Rights and Modern Technology, showcasing her dedication to creating positive social impact.

Tiffany Byrd Cook

Tiffany Byrd Cook

US-Based Project Manager and Intercultural Competence Facilitator

Tiffany Cook serves as the US-based project manager to the MIIC and provides cultural competence training through cultural intelligence (CQ) facilitation and workshops for the MIIC affiliates. Tiffany pulls from her decade-long experience working and studying abroad in Germany, the Czech Republic, and England, as well as her degrees and certifications in business administration and management, diplomacy, cultural mediation, and cultural intelligence (CQ) to provide unique insights, consulting, and CQ training to the MIIC. Her international ballet career and volunteer leadership experiences as Honorary Youth Ambassador to Brno and as a Program Coordinator for Eva at Masaryk University put her on a journey through which she discovered her passion for cultural diplomacy and internationalization initiatives. As a result, Tiffany attended Oxford’s Pre-Master’s Foundations of Diplomacy Course, became a certified CQ facilitator, and is pursuing a Master’s in Cultural Mediation. Her experiences allowed her to discover how essential CQ and cross-cultural competence are for international organizations, governments, and global citizens in this era of globalization. Now she helps others develop their CQ to excel in their internationalization efforts.

Please note that the MIIC Executives team section is under construction.

Our History

The Institutes’ team in 2022 (from the left): Dr. Christopher Medalis, Mag. Maike Leidecker, Mgr. Lenka Noskova, Mgr. Jana Odevzdana, Ing. Veronika Knichalova, Mgr. Jana Ter-Akopow Cemusova, Dr. Eva Janebova

For many years Dr. Eva Janebová has worked passionately to extend the legacy of her mentor, Joe Mestenhauser, by developing a hub of international education expertise in the Czech Republic. Her vision was enthusiastically supported by colleagues in Europe, Australia and Minnesota. Her colleague Christopher Medalis joined her in developing a proposal and in 2019 Prof. Jaroslav Miller (former Rector of Palacký University) offered to host the project. The University provided seed funding for Eva and Christopher to develop an Institute for Expertise in Internationalization (IEI) at Palacký.

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Over two years (2020-2022) the team grew to include colleagues from across the Czech Republic and Germany: Jana Ter-Akopow Čemusová, Petra Key, Maike Leidecker, Jana Odevzdaná and Lenka Nosková. Together the IEI Project team designed and delivered trainings and programs for academics, international officers and university leadership across the Czech Republic and beyond. The IEI team extended their network to colleagues at University of Minnesota as well as The Hague University of Applied Sciences, University of Orebro, University of Jaen and strengthened relationships with Ostrava University and Hradec Kralove through joint KA2 projects and training such as COIL.

IEI led two international symposia and as well as two successful Erasmus KA2 projects aimed at improving the teaching and learning of academics and students (Enhancing Capacities of Academics and Students in Virtual Learning and Teaching Spaces and Supporting Academics to Become International Educators) with educators in the Czech Republic, other EU countries, and the USA.

For a full report of IEI project hosted at Palacky – see Presentation of IEI 2020-2022.

The IEI project hosted at Palacky came to an end in early 2023. We are now moving into an exciting new phase as an independent Institute (ústav) – the Mestenhauser Centre for International Collaboration. This will allow us to collaborate and support even more organisations and revitalize the Mestenhauser Legacy.