We realize the need for research in international education to support the quality of practice. Without research we cannot inform action, gather evidence for theories, and contribute to developing knowledge. Our publications are listed here.

Recently, we have focused on issues of Inclusive Internationalization.

Currently we are working with partners in the EU and the USA on a prospective Horizon Europe research project (2024) on Exploring and Reconceptualizing Global Citizenship.


Latest publication

Janebova, E. (2023) The challenge of culture: The Czech path to international education in Mestenhauser and the Possibilities of International Education: Illuminating Pathways for Inquiry and Future Practice Edited By Anne M. D’Angelo, Mary Katherine O’Brien, Gayla Marty (Routledge, 2023).

Summary: This book addresses the theoretical foundations of the field of international education and the implications for practice and strategy by focusing on the work of Josef Mestenhauser (1925–2015) and the depth and breadth of his contribution to the area of internationalisation of higher education. It considers key concepts and poses questions for discussion that make Mestenhauser’s work accessible to new readers.

It includes Josef A. Mestenhauser´s unfinished manuscript and, through a series of provocative essays, including Eva Janebová’s Challenge of Culture: the Czech Pathway to International Education, Hanneke Teekens, Hans de Wit, Darla Deardoff and many other contributors across the globe examine Mestenhauser’s influence on their understanding and practice of international education, the relevance of his work today, the transferability of his ideas across contexts, and current interpretations of the field. They consider areas of agreement and disagreement that illuminate pathways for inquiry and future practice, affirming the importance of his work in a new era.

Inspect a chapter

Janebova, E. (2022). The Challenge of Culture in Mestenhauser and the Possibilities of International Education: Illuminating Pathways for Inquiry and Future Practice. Routledge 2022.

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Inspect the Review of the book

Review of Mestenhauser and Possibilities of International Education by Bryan McAllister

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Other publications

Progress Report of IEI team hosted at Palacky (2021-2023)

Janebova, E, Vorlíček R., Stašová L, Hogens, M.(2023) Issues and challenges of inclusion in distance teaching and learning from the perspective of university students and teachers. Journal of Distance Education. Taylor and Francis

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Janebova, E., & Johnstone, Ch. (2021) Mapping the Dimensions of Inclusive Internationalization. In Kommers, S., & Bista, K. (Eds.). Routledge.

Think pieces

Weisova, L. (2023) Exploring the state of Internationalisation of the curriculum at a Swedish University: lessons learned. 

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Janebova, E., Johnstone, Ch., Medalis, Ch. (2022). Inclusive Internationalisation: An invitation to ask honest, perhaps uncomfortable questions instead of ticking ‘diversity’ boxes, In ACA Think Piece on Inclusive Internationalisation (2022).

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Weisova, L. (2021). Its time to prioritize Internationalization at Home.

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