Ethical Fundraising Policy


The MIIC Ethical Fundraising Policy sets out the principles and guidelines for the solicitation, acceptance and management of funds, gifts, and donations by MIIC (Mestenhauser Institute for International Collaboration). As an educational centre committed to promoting intercultural competence and international cooperation, MIIC recognises the importance of maintaining ethical standards in fundraising. This policy reflects our commitment to transparency, accountability, and adherence to typical fundraising standards in the United States and the Czech Republic, and other countries from which funds may be raised.

1. Compliance with Applicable Laws and Regulations

1.1. MIIC will comply with all relevant laws and regulations governing fundraising activities in the United States, the Czech Republic and other countries from which funds may be raised, including but not limited to tax laws, charity laws and data protection regulations.

1.2. MIIC shall obtain all necessary permits and licences required for fundraising activities in all countries where required.

2. Transparency and Accountability

2.1. MIIC shall maintain accurate and transparent records of all fundraising activities, including donations received, donor information, and expenses related to fundraising.

2.2. Donors shall have access to information about MIIC’s mission, programs, and financial status.

2.3. MIIC shall provide donors with acknowledgement receipts for their contributions, as required by tax laws in both the United States and the Czech Republic, and other countries from which funds may be raised.

3. Acceptance of Funds and Gifts

3.1. MIIC shall accept funds and gifts that align with its mission and values, ethical code, and that do not compromise its independence, integrity, or reputation.

3.2. MIIC reserves the right to decline funds or gifts that come with conditions that are inconsistent with its mission, values, ethical code or moral principles.

3.3. Donations shall not be accepted from sources engaged in illegal activities or organizations promoting hatred, discrimination, or harm to individuals or communities.

4. Respect for Donor Privacy

4.1. MIIC shall respect the privacy and confidentiality of donor information, including personal data and giving history.

4.2. Donor information shall be securely stored and used solely for purposes related to fundraising and donor stewardship.

5. Avoidance of Conflicts of Interest

5.1. MIIC shall establish policies and procedures to identify and address potential conflicts of interest among its employees, board members, and volunteers involved in fundraising as also stated in MIIC Ethical Code.

5.2. MIIC shall ensure that fundraising decisions are made in the best interests of the organisation and its mission.

6. Cultural Sensitivity and Local Standards

6.1. When fundraising in the United States, the Czech Republic or other countries, MIIC shall respect and adhere to the cultural norms, values, and ethical standards specific to each country.

7. Reporting and Compliance Oversight

7.1. MIIC shall establish a mechanism for reporting any suspected or actual breaches of this Fundraising Policy of Ethics. In case of any breach, please contact us at

7.2. Compliance with this Policy shall be overseen by MIIC’s governing board responsible for fundraising oversight.


The MIIC Ethical Fundraising Policy reflects our commitment to conducting fundraising activities with integrity, transparency, and accountability. By adhering to these ethical principles and complying with the typical standards of fundraising in the United States, the Czech Republic, and other countries from which funds may be raised, MIIC aims to build and maintain trust with its donors and stakeholders while advancing its mission of promoting intercultural competences and international collaboration in higher education and universities worldwide.